Sports have become one of the most popular forms of human engagement, whether as professionals or amateurs, regularly or occasionally. Taking part in sports at the Campus is a great way to keep fit, make friends and unwind after academic work studies. Oxford has outdoor and indoor sports facilities including Badminton, Table Tennis, Volley ball, Basket ball, Football and Cricket. The multi-gym station helps students to opt interest in sports and keep fit and healthy.The Physical Education Department offers competitive fitness and recreational activities serving those interested in benefitting from sports and recreation. The OXFORD is recognized as much for its illustrious sporting tradition as it is for its excellence in education and research. The annual intercollegiate sports festival is normally held in the month of May of every year. Special coaching camps are held for Football, Basketball, Throw ball, Hockey and Volleyball teams. The college teams participate in the Inter Collegiate competitions and win awards regularly.

The OXFORD involves in various forms of physical and sporting activity. In addition to its health benefits, economic, social and educational dimensions of sports are achieving new heights, it contributes to social integration and inclusion, plays a part in the process of non-formal education, promotes inter – cultural exchanges and provides professional careers for many. Sport is an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Sports commonly refer to activities where the sole physical capabilities of the competitor are the sole or primary determinant of the outcome. Accurate records are kept and updated for most sports at the highest levels and accomplishments are widely announced in sports news.