1. What is the medium of instruction in the class?
    Ans: English
  2. Is the College Autonomous? What are the disadvantages?
    Ans: No, The College is not autonomous. There is no disadvantages for not having Autonomous status.
  3. TOCE is affiliated to which University? What are its advantages?
    Ans: TOCE is affiliated to VTU Belgavi and approved by AICTE, New Delhi .
  4. What are the eligibility requirements for admission?
     Ans: Please refer to the Admissions/Eligibility page.
  5. Who can appear for CET Entrance Exams?
    Ans: Students who have completed 10+2 can appear for CET Entrance Examination
  6. What are the courses offered?
    Ans: Please refer to the Courses page.
  7. When do I apply?
    Ans: After 10+2 Exam Results you can apply for admission to BE Courses.
  8. How to register and from where do I get the application?
    Ans: You can download the Application from form our Website.
  9. What if a student fails to register for the selection rounds before the deadline?
    Ans: They can apply after clearing the Exam in Supplementary or upcoming Year Exam.
  10. How shall I find out if I am admitted?
    Ans: You will get call from our Office and it will be displayed on our College website also.
  11. Can I apply to multiple streams at a time?
    Ans: If you are eligible you can apply. But based on your eligibility you will get seat in one course only.
  12. Is there a capitation fee?
    Ans: No
  13. Do I apply before the class 12 results?
    Ans: Yes you can apply. But you will get admission only once you have passed 10+2 examination.
  14. Where is college located?
    Ans: It is located on Hosur Main Road and Bommanahalli, Bangalore
  15. What type of hostel accommodation do you provide to students?
    Ans: We provide Single/Double Sharing Ac and Non-Ac Hostel accommodation for our students with healthy hygenic vegetarian and non veg food vegetarian
  16. Is the hostel attached to college?
    Ans: Yes, the hostel is located within the College campus.
  17. What facilities are available in the hostel?
    Ans: Wi-Fi, Reading Room, Indore Sports Room Parents Meeting Room etc..
  18. Are the hostel charges included in the tuition fee?
    Ans: No.
  19. Do you have internet facilities at the college?
    Ans: Yes, we have well equipped Internet Facilities .
  20. How are placement opportunities provided to the students?
    Ans: Placement percentage is very good. It always been above 95%. The average salary will be about 3-5 lakhs per annum.
  21. How are the Research & Development facilities in the college?
    Ans: We have various R& D Lab sponsored by AICTE/VGST/KSCST 
  22. Do you have any specific training given for placements?
    Ans: We will Provide Pre Placement Training for all our students. We also provide Domain Specific Training and Soft Skills Training for students .
  23. Do you have Placement facility?
    Ans: Yes.
  24. How are the opportunities for students to have the R&D exposure both at UG and PG level.
    Ans: Every Year Our Students are getting R& D Sponsored from Various Funding Agencies.
  25.  What are the scholarship schemes available?
    Ans: Students can apply to various State Government and Central Government for Scholarship.
  26. Will the documents for Bank Loans be given?
    Ans: Yes, we will Provide the nessary documents like Course Estimation Fee Structure etc required for loans.
  27. Does the college have recreational clubs?
    Ans: Yes, giving importance to emotional growth is one of our high priorities.
  28. What are the new developments happening in the Institution?
    Ans: We are adopting Teaching based on Industry Requirements.
  29. How are the teachers in the college?
    Ans: The teachers are very well qualified and dedicated. Among 300+ Teachers, half of them are PhD degree holders.
  30. What are the eligibility requirements for engineering courses at the UG level?
    Ans: PUC/10+2 with minimum of 50% Marks in PCM/PCB subjects
  31. What are the eligibility criteria for engineering courses at PG level?
    Ans: Students must have completed BE/B.Tech for M.Tech. Courses and BBA/BCA/B.Sc./B.Com for MBA and MCA Courses
  32. When will the classes begin?
    Ans: Classes will begin in August-September for BE Courses and October for MBA MCA M. Tech. Courses in accordance to the VTU academic calander
  33. What is the dress code on campus?
    Ans: Formal Dress code
  34. How do I arrange for a campus visit?
    Ans: We will Provide National and International Tour for our students 
  35. What are the extracurricular activities organized for students?
    Ans: TechFest, Sports day, Cultural Events etc.,
  36. Are OXFORD Institutions recognized by Institutions Grants Commission (UGC/AICTE)?
    Ans: Yes the College is recognized by AICTE/UGC/VTU
  37. What are the other accreditations and recognitions of OXFORD institutions?
    Ans: Yes. It is recognized by NAAC and NBA New Delhi
  38. What are the Programs offered at your Institutions?
    Ans: Please refer our College website
  39. How do I know what is the eligibility criteria for my program?
    Ans: Please visit College Website admission Page or contact Admission Office
  40. Can I apply online?
    Ans: Yes, you can apply online.
  41. When does admission begin at Oxford Institutions for UG and PG programs? How does one apply?
    Ans: Admission begin in April for UG/PG/PhD Programs. You can apply online or contact admission office  
  42. What is the Application timeline for admissions?
    Ans: September of each year
  43. What are the eligibility criteria for taking admission for Engineering Programs?
    Ans: PUC/10+2 with PCMB/PCMC
  44. What are the Eligibility criteria for Architecture (B. Arch) admission?
    Ans: 10+2/PUC with PCM and qualification through NATA
  45. Is NATA compulsory for Architecture admission?
    Ans: Yes.
  46. What are the admission criteria for International Students?
    Ans: As per Govt. of India (Dept. of External affairs) admission standards 
  47. What are the grounds on which an application can be rejected? Will I get a refund of the application fee?
    Ans: Your application can be rejected if you don not meet the eligibility criteria / requirements
  48. What is the Application Fee?
    Ans: INR 450/-.
  49. When does the Engineering Course commence?
    Ans: August-September or in accordance to the VTU calander
  50. What is the CET codes of TOCE?
    Ans: Engineering- E078; Architecture- E246; MBA- B207; MCA- C489.
  51. What is the COMEDK code of TOCE?
    Ans: COMEDK  Code : E162
  52. What is the PGCET code of MCA?
    Ans: C489.
  53. What are the different modes of payment for admission?
    Ans: Cash/NEFT/IMPS/DD/Bank Deposit.
  54. Do you have Sports quota?
    Ans: YES.
  55. Can the Institution help me get an Education Loan?
    Ans: Yes, we will assist and direct to the Bank that is located in our College. 
  56. What are the Modes of admission at OXFORD Institutions for Engineering Students?
    Ans: CET/PGCET/GATE and Management Quota
  57. What are the documents required for UG admission?
    Ans: 10th and 10+2 and all Educational Certificates / Aadhar Card/CET Score
  58. What are the documents required to fill the application form for Undergraduate Programs?
    Ans: 10th and 10+2 and all Educational Certificates / Aadhar Card/CET Score
  59. Can I make partial payment after selection to block my seat in OXFORD Institutions?
    Ans: Yes
  60. What is the level of attendance to be maintained for eligibility to take exams at OXFORD?
    Ans: As per University guidelines minimum 85% attendance must maintained.
  61. Do you have a provision for admission through Defense Quota?
    Ans: No
  62. Do you have provision for Differently Able students?
    Ans: Reservation as per Gov. Guidelines is available
  63. Can I get a refund if I cancel my admission?
    Ans: No
  64. Do you offer any Scholarship?
    Ans: You can apply for Scholarship with various Government Agencies
  65. Are Laptops mandatory?
    Ans: No
  66. Do I get a laptop on joining OXFORD?
    Ans: No
  67. What assessment pattern is followed at OXFORD Institutions?
    Ans: We will take Admission based on CET/PGCET /KMAT Score
  68. Does OXFORD Institutions offer any Certificate program along with regular courses?
    Ans: Yes we will give Certification course from Microsoft/Oracle/IBM
  69. Have you tied up with any companies for Internship programs?
    Ans: Yes we have MoU with various Leading Companies for Internship program.
  70. Have you tied up with any companies for Project work?
    Ans: No
  71. Do you have collaborations with International Universities?
    Ans: Yes. We have MoU with OSU and Malta University, USA.
  72. Are there opportunities for student exchange programs at OXFORD Institutions?
    Ans: No
  73. Do you have International Study tours from OXFORD Institutions?
    Ans: Yes
  74. Are there special classes arranged at OXFORD?
    Ans: Yes we offer special classes for slow learner students
  75. What are the student housing facilities available?
    Ans: Both male and female residential hostel with veg and non veg food is available.
  76. Is hostel fee inclusive of laundry and mess charges?
    Ans: Yes
  77. Where can I approach for Student Housing Admission?
    Ans: College Administrative Office
  78. How is the security arrangement in campus?
    Ans: We have 24*7 Security facilities along with CCTV survillance across the Campus 
  79. Is there a food court in campus?
    Ans: Yes we have Food Court/Cafeteria in Our Campus.
  80. Is transport available?
    Ans: Yes, we will provide Transportation from various parts of Bangalore .
  81. What is the procedure to avail Transport facility?
    Ans: You must Contact Our College  Transport Manager.
  82. Are medical services available in campus?
    Ans: Yes, we have in-house medical facilities for our College students.   
  83. Do the Institutions have any sports facilities?
    Ans: Yes, we have Physical Education Department with all in-door and out-door sports facilities.
  84. What are the Working hours of the Institutions?
    Ans: Engineering College timings :9:00-am  to 4:15 pm – Monday –Friday  |  9:00-am  to 12:50 pm – Saturday
  85. Can I visit the Institutions?
    Ans: Yes you can visit our College during the College working hours
  86. How do I reach the Institutions? Kindly share the location details.
    Ans: Please visit our Website for College Direction Google Map.
  87. Is the campus Wi-Fi enabled?
    Ans: Yes we have Wi-Fi in College Campus / Libraries / Hostel / Cafeteria. 
  88. Do you offer any Skill development program?
    Ans: Yes we provide various Life skills Program and Skill Development Program for keeping our students updated in the competitive world.
  89. Is there a counseling centre at OXFORD Institutions?
    Ans: Yes we have in-house Counseling facilities for our students
  90. Is there any Dress Code or Uniform?
    Ans: Dress Code is there for PG Students
  91. Is there an Anti-Ragging Committee?
    Ans: Yes, we are having Anti-Ragging Committee headed by the Principal.
  92. What is admission procedure for UG Medical course?
    Ans: Admission in UG Medical course is through NEET Examination Test
  93. What is the fee structure for PG Medical courses?
    Ans: Please contact to Admission Department
  94. Is your institution COVID-19 readiness?
    Ans: Yes
  95. What precautions are taken to make students safe in COVID situations?
    Ans: Our Campus is sanitized two times daily.
  96. What technology is used to train the students during pandemic time?
    Ans: Microsoft Teams
  97. How do the students understand via online classes?
    Ans: They are very much satisfied with Online Classes.
  98. Do you have students Grievance Redressal cell in your institutions?
    Ans: Yes, we have students Grievance Redressal cell in our Campus