The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education- said Martin Luther King, Jr.

Greeting! from The Oxford College of Arts. Our college has been aiming in building greater citizens and contributing to the society. Humanities in academics has always been designed to hold our roots, study, rationalize and contribute to the society. Humanities in our college has always built on its roots and emphasized on developing and maintaining positive relationships with students. Over the years, the college has proved its excellence through the success of students in various streams. Participation in various events and awards has been adding feathers in the hat of students and college. Hosting events in college have built organizational skills and boosted their talents in increasing their success rates. Social activities would increase their civic sense. Uniqueness being the trade mark of Arts College, has made efforts in keeping up the brand image created for the college. Overwhelming with talents, intelligence, creativity, humility, respect, smartness, gratitude, supportive, grit and humanity defines the quality and functioning of college and the students filled in college. Effective and efficient teaching-learning process has benefited students not only in academic, also in co curricular and extra curricular activities. I am proud of the significant accomplishments of our students and faculty in making education a fruitful experience in our College. I assure on the greater experience in our College with lasting impact on lives associated. I congratulate each and every individual on choosing our College.

All the Best!
The Oxford college of Arts