Welcome to the Department of Sociology, which has played a key role in establishing and developing the discipline in The Oxford College of Arts since 2006.

The Department is committed to the development of the sociology into the new intellectual areas, social problems, and ethical dilemmas that face a globalised post-modern society. The Department of Sociology aims to provide a teaching and learning environment in which students are encouraged to think critically and independently. The Department of Sociology at Oxford College welcomes and values the racial, ethnic, religious, national and cultural diversity of all its students, staff, alumni and visitors. The Department believes in a learning environment based on mutual respect and dialogue.
Courses Offered: 

Presently the department offers graduate programmes in Sociology.
Facilities in the Department: 
The department has ample facilities for conferences, lectures, guest lectures and theoretical programmes..  The Oxford auditorium and lecture halls facilitate an ideal atmosphere for long hours of deliberation and discussion.

Activities of the Department:

  • Conducting workshops on various social and developmental issues.
  •  Organizing Guest lectures from renowned sociologists from various institutions.
  • Field visits and documentation as a part of curriculum
  • Providing exposure to current disciplines like environmental Sociology, Sports Sociology etc.
  • Students actively participate in debates, essay writing and paper presentations on different platforms.
  • Encouraging and providing guidance to students for pursuing short-term academic  programmes (winter or summer courses)related to Sociology