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Research & Development
The Department of Biochemistry is actively engaged in achieving greater heights in both academics as well as in Research.  To prove this the department has received   Rs.20, 00,000 for K-FIST Project   under VGST Sponsored by the Govt.of Karnataka. Department has also avail SPiCE project from VGST, Govt of Karnataka during 2011-12. In Addition the department motivates both UG & PG students to take up certain In-house project which entitles them in evoking the scientific temper & inclination towards the research attitude.

SPiCE (Science Projects in College Education) Award 2013-14

Project Title: Couroupita guianensis Flower Extract (Nagalinga pushpa): A Potential Natural Remedies for Dental Caries

  • Identification and characterization of dental carries causing bacteria from infected patients.
  • Effect of the flower extract on common oral bacteria.
  • Effect of the flower extract on identified microorganisms from patients.
  • Phytochemical analysis, determination of MIC and antimicrobial activity.



Biochemical Changes During Aluminum Stress in Amaranthus tricolor L (Dantu soppu)

Funded by VGST Govt of Karnataka


  • To monitor the impact of aluminum (Al 3+) stress by following certain  Physiological changes.
  • To study the change in water relationships and cell membrane stability.
  • To investigate the changes in certain free  radicals such as H2O2 and O2- and their in situ localization.
  • To determine the changes in antioxidant molecules such as ascorbate, glutathione and antioxidant enzymes.
  • To confirm the plant’s ability to absorb or accumulate the trace metal and estimate the Al3+ concentration in plant parts.
  • Finally confirming the existence of antioxidant genes by PCR analysis.

SPiCE Award 2011
The Department is awarded for SPiCE project of Rs. 30, 000 in the year  2011 .

Project Title:
Utilization of agro waste- Jackfruit peel (rind) by the Bacillus sp. For the production of crude mannanase.

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