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Research & Development
The Department of Biochemistry is actively engaged in achieving greater heights in both academics as well as in Research.  To prove this the department has received   Rs.20, 00,000 for K-FIST Project   under VGST Sponsored by the Govt.of Karnataka. Department has also avail SPiCE project from VGST, Govt of Karnataka during 2011-12. In Addition the department motivates both UG & PG students to take up certain In-house project which entitles them in evoking the scientific temper & inclination towards the research attitude.

SPiCE (Science Projects in College Education) Award 2013-14

Project Title: Couroupita guianensis Flower Extract (Nagalinga pushpa): A Potential Natural Remedies for Dental Caries

  • Identification and characterization of dental carries causing bacteria from infected patients.
  • Effect of the flower extract on common oral bacteria.
  • Effect of the flower extract on identified microorganisms from patients.
  • Phytochemical analysis, determination of MIC and antimicrobial activity.



Biochemical Changes During Aluminum Stress in Amaranthus tricolor L (Dantu soppu)

Funded by VGST Govt of Karnataka


  • To monitor the impact of aluminum (Al 3+) stress by following certain  Physiological changes.
  • To study the change in water relationships and cell membrane stability.
  • To investigate the changes in certain free  radicals such as H2O2 and O2- and their in situ localization.
  • To determine the changes in antioxidant molecules such as ascorbate, glutathione and antioxidant enzymes.
  • To confirm the plant’s ability to absorb or accumulate the trace metal and estimate the Al3+ concentration in plant parts.
  • Finally confirming the existence of antioxidant genes by PCR analysis.

SPiCE Award 2011
The Department is awarded for SPiCE project of Rs. 30, 000 in the year  2011 .

Project Title:
Utilization of agro waste- Jackfruit peel (rind) by the Bacillus sp. For the production of crude mannanase.

Received Project under UGC Minor research Grant
“Utilization of agro waste- jackfruit peel (rind) and corn husk by cellulase produced from the Bacillus sp, 12a”- Year - 31st march 2016

Bacillus clausii B1 strain 12A PHBS was shown to produce extracellular thermostable and halotolerant cellulase. The culture conditions for cellulase production were optimized with respect to pH, temperature, sodium chloride and inexpensive agro waste as subtrates. The yiled of cellulase was enhanced nearly one fold in the presence of 1% corn husk and jack fruit peel powder. Cellulase was partially purified by 60% ammonium sulphate precipitation followed by dialysis. The cellulase had maximum activity at pH 7 and 50ºC.

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