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Extra-curricular activities

Celebration of Children’s Day 2014
Not to forget every child is the boon to our country. In order to encourage the need and talented children our students along with the support of faculty members visit a nearby orphanage ‘Samarthana’ every year and celebrate children day by distributing food, clothes and books. A photo shot at the eve for the year 2013 - 15 is presented below.

Science Exhibition 2015
“Biochemical Constellation” – the science exhibition for the year 2015 came with three different themes for B.Sc. students.  Bonding in Biology – II Sem., Allergens – IV sem., Health Care- VI sem.

Extra-curricular activity is a program or out-of-class activity very much required for the better understanding of abstract concepts in science which are made concrete. The curriculum-related learning and character building experiences are accomplished here. The students tend to develop scientific attitudes and inquisitness into various aspects of science. “Science exhibition” is one such extra -curricular activity, a tool which would fulfil the above objective.

The Department of Biochemistry, The Oxford college of Science way back in 2010 gave a start at this note, and with a team effort, emerged “BIOCHEMICAL CONSTELLATION” an exhibition, rightly named so, which provides a platform where students have hands on experience and venture through the constellation or galaxy of varied aspects of Biochemistry and science in general. Walking onward, the department has reached one of the milestones. All the undergraduate students of Biochemistry take part in “BIOCHEMICAL CONSTELLATION”, which is organized in the month of January- February. Each year a new theme is set for the exhibition. I, II and III year students work on different themes.

One Day Free Eye Camp
Organised by Department of Biochemistry In association with Agarwal’s Eye Hospital
Date 25th February 2014

Fresher’s welcome 2013

Teacher’s Day Celebration 2013

Department’s Ayudh  Puja 2013

Intercollegiate: Oxfo-Ignite 2013 Collage competition

  • Sports-Cricket Team
  • Inter-Departmental Competition
  • Fresher’s Welcome
  • Farewell Party
  • Ayudha Pooja
  •  Extension activities : Free Eye Camp In- association with Vasan Eye Care Hospital

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