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Co-Curricular Activity

Problem Based Learning (III semester PG students 2017)

    • Topic : How do you propose a therapy of “burn Injury” by using Stem cell.
    •  Topic : Parkinson disease   and steam cell therapy---- How is it possible?
    • Topic : Bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell and their use in Leukemia.

    Enrichment Course : It enables the students to improve their scientific temper. 

    1. “Microsatelite instability” in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma” Under the guidance of Dr.Sangita Roy HOD Dept of Biochemistry.
    2. “Liver  function disorder”  guided by Vijaya   R. Associate professor in Biochemistry.  

    Value Added Course: These programmes aims in improving the personality development, soft skills which enable them to get employed in future course.

    1. Nutrition and Health awareness”
    2. “Behavioral Psychology”.

    Problem Based Learning: It mainly serves to develop the problem solving capacity among students

    1. Insect bite: Neural communication

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