Medical Surgical Nursing
  Pediatric Nursing
  Obstetric And Gynecological
  Community Health Nursing
  Psychiatric Nursing
  Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Learner centred health care nursing education
  • Patient centred service
  • Community oriented research
  • Strong community relationship
  • Serve the under served
  • Meet the regional, national, and global nursing educational needs
  • Inter organizational linkage
  • Strategic future oriented planning
  • Excellence in knowledge , skills, and service
  • Professionalism in management
  • Open organizational climate
  • Excellent nursing education and service systems for community development:
  • Single window delivery of total health care nursing needs
  • Total quality management in service and education
  • To train general, specialized & allied health care nursing professionals to meet regional and national health care nursing services
  • Work to contribute to global health care nursing knowledge & skills & research who can continue legacy of Florence Nightingale
  • Be efficient, effective, community acceptable, in service education and research
  • To impart knowledge & interact with organizations of similar interest
  • Fostering global competencies, inculcating value system among learners
  • Promote use of technology of relevance
  • Reach the unreachable with awareness, education and serviceServe the underserved health care nursing


  1. Prepare competent qualified nurses to be members of a health care team who will:
    1. Deliver safe and effective nursing care at various care levels to individuals, families and communities utilizing the nursing process
    2. Plan, implement and evaluate health education activities for individuals, groups, families and communities
    3. Utilize research findings to improve the health of the people
    4. Assume responsibilities for personal and professional development
  2. Meet the needs of health services by qualified nursing personnel
  3. Participate in the continuing education activities for the promotion and development of the nursing services
  4. Participate in research activities for the development of health care and the nursing profession
  5. Participate at community level to contribute to health promotion activities