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Psychiatric Nursing department is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals whose primary objective and philosophy is to impart education related to mental health, insight into mental illnesses and its prevention and management.   Related clinical practice is being made available to the students and encouraging them in initiating research as and when required.

Departmental activities:
  1. Mental health and psychiatric nursing education is imparted by classroom teaching, seminars, panel discussions, workshops etc. by using appropriate audio visual aids.
  2. Regular assignments will be given to ensure adequate utilization of books, journals and internet to enhance the student’s knowledge.
  3. Students are evaluated on a regular basis through tests and other evaluation methods.
  4. Theoretical knowledge will be correlated in the clinical areas and the students will experience the real situation and apply the skills acquired.
  5. PG students are posted to NIMHANS and UG students are posted to CADABAMS for clinical experience.
  6. Students are encouraged to actively involve in promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of psychiatric patients.
  7. Students will be regularly assessed by their co-ordinators throughout the clinical placement.
  8. Students will have firsthand experience by making field visits and participate actively in promoting mental health education through role-plays etc.
  9. Field visits are conducted at Sakalwara (Community Mental health centre), old age home, home for mentally disabled, home for juvenile delinquents, beggar’s colony (to assess the mental status and mental health issues).
  10. Students are encouraged to initiate research and participate in research conducted in the hospital & institution.
  11. Actively involve staffs and PG students in the International Conference conducted by Indian Society of Psychiatric Nurses (ISPN) and present research papers.
  12. Students are encouraged to publish their work and utilize the results for the betterment of the society.
  13. Students are encouraged to conduct follow up studies to ensure continuity of the work.
  14. Celebrate World Mental Health Day every year, and disseminate mental health information to the public.
  15. Conduct workshops on stress management techniques for staff and students. 
  16. Organize counseling services for students.