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  Fundamentals of Nursing

Fundamentals of Nursing provides a contemporary approach to nursing practice, discussing the entire scope of primary, acute and restorative care.  The nursing profession is always responding to dynamic change and continual challenges.  Fundamental knowledge is the corner stone for the beginners.  The increased focus on applying current evidence in the increased focus on applying current evidence in skills and client care plans helps students understanding how the latest research finding should guide their clinical decision making.

Departmental activities:
  1. Arranging the external classes by experts in order to provide solid basic theory knowledge in all the subjects.
  2. Providing academic and clinical skills, and requirements as per the apex body norms.
  3. Arranging clinical facilities and exposing them in various clinical set up to adopt for a newer trends in clinical care settings.
  4. Exposing all the external subjects by the experts in teaching and applying the practical skills in education.
  5. Carryout visits to Bangalore milk dairy to provide live exposure on the process of pasteurization , production of milk and its distribution. 
  6. Arranging visits to Bangalore water supply and sewage board to understand the basic disposal of sewage as per their theory requirements.
  7. Providing opportunity for educational visit to National Institute of Nutrition Research institute in Hyderabad.
  8. Making them excellent clinical exposure in super specialty hospital to adapt the student for future challenge.
  9. Facility for visiting the mortuary in Victoria hospital to expose the students to learn basic real anatomy.
  10. Helping the students in teaching by various methods in clinical set up by return demonstrations, incidental teaching, bedside clinic and nursing conferences.