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Pediatric nursing is the specialized area of nursing practice concerning the care of children during wellness and illness.  Pediatric nursing practice is concerned with:
  • Well being of children towards optimal functioning.
  • Integration of developmental needs of children into nursing care with holistic approach.
  • Integration of scientific principles and theory related to child health nursing practice.
  • Focusing on family centered care and atraumatic care.
  • Interdisciplinary team approach to plan and provide comprehensive childcare.
  • Focusing on the ethical, moral and legal problem regarding childcare.

Departmental activities:

  • Conducting theory classes as per University norms.
  • Clinical nursing practice at specialized child care hospitals.
  • Evaluation of students performance in theory as well as clinical by unit tests, assignments, care plans, case studies, clinical presentations and term examinations.
  • Participating in National Immunization programme.
  • Conducting school health programme at regular intervals.
  • Assessment of under five children at community areas.
  • Visit to Crèche, Anganwadi, Well Baby Clinic and conducting health awareness programmes.
  • Visit to Remand home, Certified school and Physically, Mentally and Socially challenged childcare centers.
  • Conducting workshops and seminars on recent trends and concepts.
  • Encourage students to conduct research activities.