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Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing department is a specialized area, which deals about pregnancy, labour, puerperium and diseases associated with perinatal period, and diseases related to female reproductive system.

Departmental activities:
  • Conducting theory classes as per apex body requirements.
  • Evaluation of student performance by class test, unit test, term examinations, assignments, etc.
  • Arranging and supervision of clinical requirements as per apex body requirements.
  • Conducting clinical rounds, bedside clinics, demonstrations, incidental teaching, health teaching etc.
  • Helping the students in completion of their clinical assignments like – care notes, case studies, health teaching, clinical presentations, ward rounds etc.
  • Evaluation of clinical performances once in two weeks.
  • Mentoring the students in professional development, personal development and research related activities.
  • Arranging and accompanying the students for field visit, educational tour and one day visits as per requirements.
  • Conducting orientation programme for newly joined faculty and students.
  • Conducting in-service education once in a month.  The following methods of in-service education are followed:  Seminars, journal club, panel discussion, symposium, workshop, microteaching, brainstorming, demonstrations, simulation etc.
  • Encouraging and conducting research activities.
  • Rendering family centered maternity care in rural and urban population.
  • Celebration of breast feeding week and motivation of public for importance of breast-feeding.
  • Celebration of Women’s day and educating public about women’s right, women’s freedom and women’s empowerment.
  • Celebration of Father’s day and education of public about paternal care and its importance.
  • Involving and providing opportunities for recreations related activities for students.