Accredited by NAAC with “A” Grade, Accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO) and Permanently Affiliated to Bangalore University, Recognized by UGC under section 2(f)
and 12(B)

The dept has 5 well equipped, spacious labs namely
  1. Pattern making lab: Here the garment paper patterns are prepared either by flat pattern or draping method. All the preliminary activation before sewing take place here.
  2. Textile & wet processing lab: Fibres yarns and fabric form an integral part of the apparel and fashion industry. They are the raw ingredients for any textile materials. All the activities related to fibre, yarn and fabric testing, activities like dyeing, printing, spinning and weaving are the activities that are carried out in the textile and wet processing lab. The lab is equipped with all the textile testing machines.
  3. Sewing lab: All the 2 dimensional textile fabrics patterns after cutting are to be joined together to form a 3 dimensional garment. This sewing process takes place in the sewing lab. The lab is equipped with the latest machines.
  4. CAD lab: Computers play a very important in the apparel industry right from designing to cutting sewing and finishing. The lab is furnished with computers with the relevant softwares loaded and a digitizer.
  5. Fashion design studio lab: Illustration is an important tool in conveying designer’s ideas to the manufactures and the end uses. Fashion design studio is a place where young budding designers sketch their design and prepare the portfolio.

Apart from the routine classroom teaching and learning the department hosts many workshops, seminars, field trips, industrial visits, fashion shows and many more.


  1. The mission of the Department is to impart quality education in fashion coupled with latest technologies associated with textile, garment and fashion
  2. To prepare students for careers in fashion and apparel design
  3. The department has an environment where students, faculty and staff work together to expand knowledge


  1. Meeting the needs of the fashion industry and harnessing the skills of the budding designers is the motto of B.Sc FAD at The Oxford College of Science
  2. The department seeks to provide student’s career goals and give them knowledge and skills that will allow them to function as responsible and contributing members of society
  3. The course is a wonderful and rare combination of Technical, Creative and Industrial subjects

Other details

  1. Organizing fashion shows
  2. Regular industrial visits
  3. Organizing exhibitions, workshops and seminars
  4. Guest lecture for students from eminent person from fashion industry

Courses offered in the department:        

  • B.Sc Fashion and Apparel Design
  • M.Sc Apparel Technology and Management

Fests conducted: Maia Maiesta-2012 Fashion Show  
Placement details: 85%

Runners up of Deccan Herald South Zone Competition 2015.
Winner of Fashion Design Competition National Level 2015.
Winner of Fashion Design Competition National Level 2015.
Mamatha S, Vth Semester
Fashion and Apparel Design Student.

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