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and 12(B)


Name with photo Qualification Designation Specialization & Areas of Interest Publications and presentations Work experience Achievements
M.Sc, Ph.D Principal & HOD Plant Biotechnology           International Journals:  20
National Journals:    11
21 Prof.  R. P. Roy Prize Fellow of Society
Fellow of Society of Applied Biotechnologists
Young Scientist Award
‘Honorary Doctorate award’
External funds received – Rs. 73,62,000.00
(Workshop, SEC meeting, Women Scientist Scheme (WOS-A) DST, UGC, New Delhi, VGST, Department of IT, BT, S&T, Government of Karnataka, Karnataka Jnana Aayoga, Vidhana Soudha, Government of Karnataka)Books published:2
Journal Reviewer:5
 Membership of Professional Bodies : 6
M.Sc., M.Phil.,  B.Ed Associate Professor Plant Biotectechnology 8International and national Publications & 11 national presentations and 2 International Presentations 15 years 01 best poster award at International level conference 02 best poster at national level conference
BOE Member
Assistant Custodian (UG)
M.Sc., B.Ed.,  M.Phil.,  Ph.,D Associate Professor Medicinal Chemistry –synthesis of fluoro pyrazole
Clinical Biochemistry.
Presentations -11
      18Years Best poster award at international Conference-03
BOE member
M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Professor Plant Biotechnology
Plant transformation studies, Anther culture for production of haploids, Biotechnological approaches for production of secondary metabolites
14 years Coordinator for VGST’s CISEE Program, GoK.
M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Professor Experience in pharmaceutical process & product (Biosimilars)
Cloning & Expression of recombinant proteins in
E. coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae & Pichia pastoris
Co-expression & chaperone mediated proteins folding
1 Publication in International peer-reviewed journal Total - 23 years
14 years in industry
2.5 years in teaching 
DBT-fellowship for M.Sc programGATE qualified in 1993UGC-CSIR Qualified in 19932 – Patents
M.Sc., Ph.D Assistant Professor Microbial Biotechnology, Nanotechnology & Antimicrobial agents 11- International & 3 -National Peer reviewed Journal
3 poster & 1 paper presentation
Research Associate-03 yrs
Teaching- 1.5 yrs
Ist  Prize in Poster Presentation,
Genbank Submission with accession number (07)
M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Professor Cancer Biology and Inflammation 10-International peer-reviewed journal and 1national Publications & 03- national presentations and 02 -International Presentations 14 years UGC BSR Meritorious Fellowship
M.Sc., (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Structural & Functional Genomics and Systems  Biology 3-International and 1national Publications
1 -Book Chapter
3 -Technical Bulletin Chapters
Research -04 yrs
Teaching -03 yrs
1 Travel Award-NYAS, USA,
2 Best poster presentationaward at international conference.
M.Sc. Assistant Professor Molecular Biology - 1 Year K-SET, NET

Dr. Kavisa Ghosh
MSc., MPhil., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Publications: 07
Presentation: 11
- 8 months  
M.Sc. Assistant Professor -   1.5 years-industrial experience
6 months-Teaching experience
M.Sc. Research Assistant Molecular Biology - 8 Months K-SET
M.Sc. Research Scholar Microbiology and Plant Biotechnology 2- International Publications 2 years Principal Investigator WOS-A
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