Latest News & Events

  • Oxytech 2K15.

    The Departments of MCA & ISE of The Oxford College of Engineering, organized a 2-Days, National Level Students Convention & Techno-Cultural Fest - “Oxy-Tech 2K15” on the 11th and 12th of March, supported by the students chapter of CSI and IEEE of TOCE, with an intent to provide the opportunity for the students to learn leading-edge technologies, and also exhibit their talents in both technical and cultural fields. Read More.

  • Dental College Activity.

    As a vibrant part of The Oxford Dental College committee we hope that viewing our annual reports gives you a full picture of how The Oxford Dental College functions in our community. The college has a long history of supporting cultural growth both inside and outside the classroom. Read More.

  • Mech Fiesta.

    Mech FIESTA is a department Cultural FESTIVAL organized by Mechanical department students and faculties on 20th march 2014. Main theme of the fest was to encourage students to learn and speak kannada and provide stage for student to exhibit their talent. And also encourage them to participate in games and sports. Read More.

  • Oxy-Tech 2014.

    It is a National level Inter-Collegiate Techno Cultural fest organized by the Department of Computer Applications. OXYTECH 2014 is a platform for the future IT magnets to gain exposure for tomorrow's computer folks to socialize, compete, learn and grow. The fest is a combination of both technical and non-technical events to showcase the talents of young minds. It is a great opportunity for all the technocrats across the country to face the challenges and learn in the evolving era of Technology. Read More.

  • International Conference on "On Demand Computing" ICODC.

    On Demand Computing is the concept of business computing model that empowers IT, ITES, Telecom and Software companies and Large Enterprises, to provide access, affordability and availability of the computing power & resources as they are demanded by the SME’S, Educational institutions and Independent Entrepreneurs as and when needed, resulting in cost effective utilization with minimal investment and almost zero over heads of Systems maintenance and support. Read More.